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This is a world-class Tattoo Studio founded to preserve and promote the history of tattooing in New Orleans through research and education.

We are in a pivotal moment to archive the stories of multiple generations of tattooing for future generations to access their heritage. We do this through creative documentation that builds knowledge and appreciation for New Orleans’ tattooing traditions and heritage.

Patriotic Tattoos


Hand flag tattoo

Hand Tattoo by Aaron

It seems that there is a recent resurgence of people getting Patriotic Tattoos!

Let me explain… On September 11, 2001 when we were attacked by Al Qaeda

and New York’s Twin Towers came down we saw a lot of people getting a large variety of

Patriotic Tattoos in response to this tragedy. When our soldiers went to Iraq and Afghanistan

we saw more Patriotic Tattoos showing support for our troops.

Now during most of President Obama’s term the Patriotic Tattoos have sort of plateaued…even after

Osama Bin Laden was killed there wasn’t much of an upsurge.

However over this past year with the Presidential Election on… was like BAM!!…. all of a sudden the

demand for Patriotic tattoos have become the rage. It seems people are actively trying to show their

LOVE of their Country. Where is this new desire to openly show that you are proud to be an American

coming from?!?!?!  And I’ve noticed this Patriotic displays  everywhere…. T-Shirts, Hats, Stickers

and it goes on and on!

My theory is that it stems from anger and disappointment with the way our government has let us all down

and an overreach on our natural rights.  Maybe they see HOPE on the horizon.

patriotic flag tattoo

Flag Tattoo by Aaron

How I Put Together A  Custom Full Back Tattoo  (Part One)

How I Put Together A Custom Full Back Tattoo (Part One)

louisiana bayou wild boar backpiece tattoo

finished wild boar backpiece

A lot of you like the look of Large Scale Tattoo work. They usually have very dynamic visual appeal

and are real attention getters. What most don’t realize is that a Large Scale Tattoo is a LOT of

work for the Artist and it takes a lot of time!  If you decide to get a masterpiece of this size you MUST

give a number of things consideration before jumping into it:

  1. The Amount of money you will be investing….Can you afford it.

Granted the project will be spread over time…and that depends on you (how often you want to

come back to get worked on)

And your Artist….( How long of sessions he likes to do)…Both how long and how often the sessions are is

something you and the artist decide on.

2. Second and what I feel is MOST Important is to be committed to finishing the project

within a reasonable time to keep CONTINUITY  in the sessions so there aren’t long breaks

between scheduled sessions. You want to make it look like the tattoo was done all at one time!

Long breaks between sessions will cause the tattoo to look more patched together. The

variations in healing periods can cause this. Two – Three Weeks between sessions is a good plan.

3. The Design is next on our list. There’s a lot of things to think about here. Size, color, perspective

are just a few to consider.


Ok Let”s Get Started………………….…….

Now I’m going tell you how I….Me… Henri goes about putting together a Back Tattoo for a customer.

This will be about a very particular tattoo I have done this past year. It’s a “Wild BOAR”

racing through the “Honey Island Swamp” right in your face.

I’ve been tattooing about 29 years, done hundreds of full back tattoos, and I still learn new ways to tackle

different challenging situations.


! I always said…”When You Quit Learning You Die!”

Anyway What I’ll do here is give you a

“STEP by STEP” ....”How I Did It…” 

The Process is Always A Little Different BUT This Is How I Did This One!!!!

  1. Meet client in person to measure out their back and get a visual of how much room there is.
  2. Discuss on spot and draw some “thumbnails” of some ideas.
  3. Take Tracing Paper and trace outline of shape of back
  4. Also.make note of any moles or tattoos already there and will stay.
  5. Discuss more about Design. Always take notes
  6. Get any Reference material customer may have. Hopefully they have done their homework!
  7. Now it’s time to get drawing…first draft will be necessary soon.
  8. I ALWAYS ask for at least a $200 Deposit to start drawing
  9. The “DEPOSIT” is always put towards the beginning of the tattoo cost!!
  11. Wild Boar running through swamp full back tattoo sketch

    Wild Boar tattoo sketch

    customer's back before tattoo showing tattoos already there

    customer’s back before


How To Care For A New Tattoo

Do you know what the most common mistake people make with the aftercare of a tattoo?

It’s not really a mistake they do in the caring part of it….. but what their plans are after they get the tattoo.

Very often someone is going on vacation or spring break and they think..

.”Boy a new tattoo would really look nice on the beach with my new swimsuit!”  Sound Familiar??

And it sounds like a great idea but it is NOT!   Really bad idea for sure!

A fresh tattoo is open to having all kinds of problems healing.  Not only the chlorine in the pool

bleaching the colors out but the germs everywhere and chance of sunburn!

Get your tattoo a couple weeks ahead of your trip and you’ll be set to go with beautiful healed tattoo.


  • Leave bandage on for one hour
  • Remove bandage and wash gently with warm soap and water
  • Apply H2Ocean Tattoo Cream and massage ALL the way into skin
  • Repeat washing and cream 2-3 times a day for one week
  • After one week continue applying cream for one more week

Notice that there is no need for antibacterial soap as ALL soap kills bacteria!


  • Do Not soak tattoo in bath or swimming pool or hottub
  • Do Not get tattoo sunburned
  • Do Not pick or scratch any scabbing if occurs
  • And MOST important Do Not listen to any of the “tattoo experts” in the bars that love to give advice!!

If tattoo looks red or enflamed or feels excessively  warm call your  tattoo artist

or Health Professional immediately


Don’t Be After-Careless

I’d like to take a minute to talk to you about the importance of Aftercare. By Aftercare I mean

“How you take care of your tattoo or piercing after you leave the studio”.  Most people don’t realize

how important it is to follow the artists instructions on how to care for your tattoo  but also the

importance of using the correct aftercare cream!  More than likely you’ve just spent a lot of time

and money getting this great tattoo.  You even probably spent a lot of time researching your design

and looking for the right artist. ………Am I right?

So why skimp on how you take care of it after it’s finished?  Truth is… aftercare is the

second most important part of the tattoo process!  That’s why after 25 years and trying them all

I’ve decided that H2Ocean Products work the best with the least amount of problems. Other

products have worked….Tattoo Goo etc…but the results were inconsistant.  Since using the H2Ocean

Products less customers have come back with problems.  So these Products are the ONLY ones we

sell and recommend.  So ask your artist which one he recommends for your next tattoo (or piercing)…..

and an aftercare instruction sheet will also come with your product.

“Remember Cheap is rarely Good….and…Good is rarely Cheap!!”


It’s Our Anniversary!!

Ya know…

I was once told that 8 out of 10 businesses fail within the first 18 months. We made it past that!

Then somebody said 95% of all businesses fail within the first 10 years. Well we did that too!

I guess we’re doing pretty good now because it’s 25 years and we’re still going strong!

I can’t take all the credit however; cause  I’ve had some GREAT artists working at the studio over the years.

This crew of guys and gal are by far one of the BEST I’ve had.  Everyone gets along and everybody

leaves the shop with a great tattoo.

And then there’s YOU….our loyal, faithful customers!  Without ya’ll we wouldn’t be anything!

THANK YOU!!….and thank you for coming back  over and over again and bringing or

sending your friends for tattoos and piercings.

Now I must admit it hasn’t always been easy but…It has been crazy at times and ALWAYS fun!

To show my appreciation I’m planning some great things for you throughout this year.  It may be

specials or a party even…. but I will let you know through this blog.  So Thanks again and

keep an eye on this blog.  Your Friends, Henri and Kayce


The Gift of the Cougar…

I thought I’d post this “COUGAR” Painting I did for my wife Kayce for Christmas this year. She loves Cougars

and I love doing Realistic Animal paintings and Tattoos. Realism in general is my Favorite but capturing

an Animal’s Likeness really drives me!

kayce's cougar

In The Beginning…

In The Beginning…

Ladies and Gentlemen

Hobos and Tramps

Fleabitten Horses and Bowlegged ants…

Welcome to Electric Expressions’ New Blog Site!  We are new at this so be kind and stay with us

while we get it all together!  We are hoping to use our Blog to help inform you about the Tattooing Process,

Choosing designs and artist, the History behind tattooing, and all kinds of other useful tattoo info as well

as fun inspiring stuff!  We will also keep you up to date on anything going on at the shop. From time to time

you may get to hear some of the many unusual, funny, and crazy stuff we sometimes encounter at the shop.

We also plan to have ALL our artists participate in making Blog entries so the variety should prove

interesting, informative and most assuredly humorous!