Custom Tattoos

Custom Tattoos

Here at Electric Expression we Pride ourselves on our Custom Tattoos. Each person is an individual and unique and each tattoo should be the same. Even the most “trendiest” tattoos can be changed to be unique. Every tattoo comes with a story and no two stories are the same.

This is why we like to take our time and talk to our clients. We try to “climb inside their heads” and put their expectations on paper first and then on their skin.

We know not everyone can create unique ideas but our artist can add their spin on things to make an amazing unique tattoo.

Pre Tattoo Consultations and Appointments are usually necessary for large custom tattoos.

Creative Cover-ups

No need to explain. We’ve all made mistakes. Mistakes are forgiven and now is your chance to make it right! All of our artists have extensive experience with cover-up tattoos.

They have the ability to see what can be. They can suggest ideas and subject matter that will create not only an amazing tattoo but also the illusion that there was never another tattoo there.

Pre Tattoo Consultations and Appointments are usually necessary for a successful cover-up tattoo.

Specialized Services

Permanent Make-up

Permanent Make-up

  • At this time Jessie is only doing eyebrows, but they look amazing
  • For both eyebrows the Charge is $300.00
  • Jessie has had professional training at Aveda Cosmetic School along with her 10+ years of professional tattooing experience

Professional Body Piercing

Professional Body Piercing

A wide variety of body piercing is offered at Electric Expressions by Master Body Piercer, Kayce Montegut. Kayce has been professionally piercing for 11 + years. Previously, She worked in the medical field and also received her License in Massage Therapy. While pursuing her massager therapy licensed she has had an introduction to acupressure/acupuncture and continues to learn on this subject.

Acupuncture needles

Acupressure / Acupuncture Points & Piercing

There has been a lot of talk about the Daith piercings helping those who suffer with migraine headaches. I am NOT a doctor or any type of medical professional. All I can do is tell you what I have done and the results my clients have relayed back to me. This is in NO WAY claiming that any body piercing can heal any ailment.
I have done Daith Piercings with the hopes that it helps with migraines. I have also recently done an antitragus piercing with the intention of helping asthma. I have had 3 of the 5 people that I have pierced tell me that they have not had migraines since the piercing. Two of those people stated that they felt relief immediately following the piercing. I did not receive any feedback yet from the other 2 clients. The antitragus piercing was very recent but I will post the results as soon as I know.
As soon as the blog is up and running I will post any comments I receive from the outcomes of these types of piercings.

Piercing Price List


Lobes – $20 each
Cartilage – $40
Tragus – $60
Industrial -$70
Snug – $60
Rook – $60
Daith – $70
Antitragus – $60
Forward Helix – $60
Conch – $50

Oral Piercings

Tongue – $50
Labret – $50
Lip – $50
Monroe – $50
Medusa – $60
Smiley – $70
Frenulum – $70
Snakebites – $80
Spiderbites – $80


Nostril – $50
Septum – $70

Body Piercings

Nipples – $40 each
Navel – $40
Eyebrow – $40

Genital Piercings start a $100
Stretching starts at $10/stretch plus jewelry