Our highly skilled artists always work patiently to help create a tattoo which combines your ideas and their artistic talents to ensure that you have a tattoo that you can be proud to show off!

Maggie Kellett

Maggie has been piercing professionally for 5 years and is devoted to providing the best piercing experience, aseptic technique as well as the best implant grade jewelry her industry provides. Apart of the Fakir Musafar family, she has completed his 3 piercing courses, Basic, Comprehensive and Advanced, furthering her knowledge of the art. Maggie's gentle but fun personality along with her extensive knowledge and attention to detail ensures an awesome piercing experience.

Dale Kellett

Dale, originally from Georgia, moved to New Orleans when he was 10. After studying art and tattooing under the New Orleans artist, Amzie Adams, Dale worked in various New Orleans Tattoo establishments around the city as well as across the country.
Dale loves doing bold and striking tattoos. He is an intelligent, considerate and creative person.