I’d like to take a minute to talk to you about the importance of Aftercare. By Aftercare I mean

“How you take care of your tattoo or piercing after you leave the studio”.  Most people don’t realize

how important it is to follow the artists instructions on how to care for your tattoo  but also the

importance of using the correct aftercare cream!  More than likely you’ve just spent a lot of time

and money getting this great tattoo.  You even probably spent a lot of time researching your design

and looking for the right artist. ………Am I right?

So why skimp on how you take care of it after it’s finished?  Truth is… aftercare is the

second most important part of the tattoo process!  That’s why after 25 years and trying them all

I’ve decided that H2Ocean Products work the best with the least amount of problems. Other

products have worked….Tattoo Goo etc…but the results were inconsistant.  Since using the H2Ocean

Products less customers have come back with problems.  So these Products are the ONLY ones we

sell and recommend.  So ask your artist which one he recommends for your next tattoo (or piercing)…..

and an aftercare instruction sheet will also come with your product.

“Remember Cheap is rarely Good….and…Good is rarely Cheap!!”